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My nameis Shiphra

Victoria is the founder of Shiphra. Shiphra is her second name. Everything begins with Victoria, her devotion to beauty, attention to detail and involvement in all processes creating beautiful jewelry pieces. Victoria's dedication is the driving force behind Shiphra and its highest quality jewelry.

When starting the brand Victoria introduced a slogan: “Everything begins with YOU.” Shiphra believes that the power of a new beginning is concentrated in a mother - mother-woman, mother-nature. The woman and nature, both, are bound with love. Victoria, being a true woman - a wife and a mother - decided to focus on love when developing the Shiphra brand.

Read Victoria’s introduction of herself:

I have decided to start my own jewellery brand, because I love jewellery! Wearing it adds a lot to a lady, and each woman may express herself so much more through her own choice of jewellery pieces and her way of wearing them.

It all began when I have designed some things for myself, and was getting a lot of questions about where to find the particular piece I was wearing. During conversations on the topic with these people I realized, that many are in search of something unique to enrich their look, but also the piece should reflect personality, character, style, mood. Of course, that is not enough to start a whole active business, but it was enough to start me thinking in this direction.

My real driving force was the thought that I can propose things to people, and it will bring joy, light and energy to them, it will be something they really want. Being a mother and wife as well, I wanted to try myself in a new field, and it seemed to work out.

For the brand and for me personally it matters if a piece of jewellery is beautiful and meaningful at the same time.